01/05/18, 02/27/18
January and February 2018 - UUUUU

January 1, 2018 - A New Year, a new day, and the first sunrise.

January 4th - The first snow for 2018.  Referred to as a "bomb cyclone", also winter Storm Grayson.  It was said to
be equivalent to a Cat 3 Hurricane.  Created havoc from the south all the way to Maine.  Some places in NYC ended
up with 12+ inches of snow.  Schools in the City were closed.  It was a day not to sing, "let it snow, let it snow,
let it snow"!
The LIE.  Why so many cars on the road?
Specks seen in these 2 photos are snow
flakes on the camera's lens.  It was very windy.
Photos taken from my terrace.
After 1 p.m., I decided to venture outside.
Section 3
Section 3's atrium.  Snow drift amongst the pebbles.
Christmas Tree in Center Courtyard.
96-05 Horace Harding Exp.
Junction Blvd.
Section 5
Partial view of Section 4's atrium and East Courtyard.
Snow on terrace.

January 11th, 12th and 14th - Sunrise, fog/rain, and another sunrise.
44 minutes later.
Fog.  It rained on and off all day.
An hour later.
At 6:46 a.m., I looked across the LIE and this is what I saw.  The dark top portion is not the ceiling of my terrace
but instead very dark clouds in the area.  In the dark, this strip of sunlight was visible.

January 17th - Snow; January 19th - Sunrise; January 20th - Sunrise; and January 20th - Fort Tryon Park,
upper Manhattan, Cloisters, St. Peter's University, 193rd Street and Broadway Terrace (where I once lived),
Bennett Avenue and 190th Street A Train Station.
St. Peter's University,
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Walkway to Cloisters
GWB and Ft. Lee
Views of The Cloisters
Similar rocks jot out which can be used as seats.
Ceiling of
View of area (Inwood) from the gazebo.
Left - 193rd Street.  Right - Broadway Terrace.  193rd and Broadway Terrace are on an incline.  
The streets were dangerous to navigate when ice or snow was on the sidewalks.
27 Broadway Terrace, where I lived briefly.
Boulders on Bennett Avenue

January 30th - Snow and after the light snow fell.  
January 31st - The beginning of the Special Blue Blood Moon, second full moon of January.
After the light snow fell.
The Super Blue Blood Moon rising from the east.
Slowly the clouds began to hide the moon.
After this point, I could no longer take photos or track the movement of the moon.  I had to go to a meeting!

February 2018

5th - City from the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights; 6th - Sunrise; and 7th - Sunrise and light snow.
Light snow on roofs.  Later turned to rain.
Before the light snow.
The "new" E train.   This design seen on each end of the car.  The MTA may be having financial problems but
they do have money for fancy cars, and various gadgets on the platforms.
Remember the old Pier 17?  Well here is the "new" Pier 17 being built.  
Page TTT-2 has a view of the old Pier 17 (red building).
Brooklyn:  Everything is changing.  Here you can see a
new building going up on the other side of the
Brooklyn Bridge.
Brooklyn's waterfront being renovated.  There are tennis and basketball courts, plus other features.  
Governors Island, Staten Island Ferry & the Statue of Liberty in the background.  River was a little choppy.
Pier 2 - Brooklyn
What looks like a marina.

February 9th - Sunrise.  February 17th - Snow.  February 18th - Sunrise.
(What would you call this green background?  The program I  use calls it Caribbean Green.  Really???)
Everyday a spectacular show with each sunrise being different.  Compare this to 2/18 below and others above.

On February 12th a federal judge awarded 5Pointz $6.75 million dollars for the destruction of 45 of their art.  
The building with the graffiti art was located at 45-46 David Street.  The owner of the building to whitewash the art  
without giving the artists time to salvage their work.  You can see some of the art work on
Page LLLL.  You will also
see, almost at bottom of page, how the paintings were whitewashed.

The Georgia Diner, located at 86-55 Queens Blvd., will be moving on March 26th.  The lot the diner is on has been
sold to a developer, who had bought part of the diner's parking lot, and is presently constructing an apartment
building.    The diner will move a few blocks west to 80-26 Queens Blvd where the Nevada Diner, a sister diner, is
now located.  The Nevada will become the Georgia.
The building being constructed in the area.

February 26th - 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, Sunflowers and Goldfinches, (c) Rosemary Millette 2015 from
Cobble Hill, random shaped pieces
.  Worked on it a few hours a day from 2/17 to 2/25.  The camera photo, left,
does the puzzle no justice.  At right, you can see scanned photo of box cover.