05/31/15, 07/25/15
May 2015 - Page ZZZZ - 2

Subway Art - 6 train:  86th Street (uptown side), 110th Street (downtown side), and 116th Street (uptown side).
Peter Sis, Happy City, 2004, glass and etched stone mosaic.
86th Street
110th Street, downtown side.  These two, and the one that follows, are by Manuel Vega,
Sábado en la Calle Ciento Diez (Saturday on 110th), 1997, ceramic mosaic
110th - Uptown side, taken from the downtown platform.
116th Street - Uptown side.  By Robert Blackburn,
assisted by Mei-Tei-Sing Smith, "In everything there is
a season", glass mosaic, 2005.

This page will display Subway Art (May 28th) and photos taken on May 30th and
  On May 30th, I took photos in the area around the World Trade Center.  
On May 31st, I walked a few blocks from the World Trade Center taking photos
and then went to the One World Observatory.

May 30, 2015: World Trade Center area
The Hub.  There will be 11
subways and PATH
connecting here
Back  view of the Hub.
North Pool
Part of a banner displayed
on a fence in the area.
Entrance to the One World Observatory

May 31, 2015: Lower Manhattan, not too far from the World Trade Center

Manhattan Municipal Building
1 Centre Street

Houses various City agencies.
Arch way between north and south sides of the
Municipal Building and a look at the ceiling.
Church of St. Anthony, Duane St. (Cardinal Hayes Place)
Inside the church, no flash used.
Flash used.
Beautiful flowers  in the City Hall Park.

May 31, 2015: One World Observatory

An elevator took us to the 102nd Floor in seconds!  Three walls of the elevator turn into a display showing
different views of the area, etc.  Gives one the impression that one is seeing the buildings in the area at
different heights demonstrating how much taller One World Trade Center is.  A similar display occurs when
one is leaving the Observatory.  There is another show on a wall before one  moves into the Observatory.  
One has to walk from 102nd Floor down to the 100th Floor to get to the Observatory.  One can stay in the
Observatory as long as one desires.  You can get more information
After going through security,
one enters this area, a display
of the bedrock in the area.
One of the elevators.  Every rectangle
turns into part of a large video display.  
102nd Floor.
View from 102nd Floor.  Some of the viewing area was
covered with curtains on the 102nd Floor.  No idea why.
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
In this area of 102nd Floor there are Observatory
employees taking a photo of those interested.
New Jersey
Looking south.
The dome of one of the buildings of the
World Financial Center.
100th Floor.  City Pulse.  An employee explains
various aspects of the City as information is
shown on the monitors.   All photos from this point
on taken from/on the 100th Floor.
Governors Island, Verrazano Bridge, on left is Brooklyn.
Foreground, Battery Park, etc.
Aerial view of the Hub
Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges,
part of the FDR Drive
South Pool
Looking northeast
Looking north
Looking north - Empire State Building (1),
MetLife Building (2), CitiGroup Center Building
(white slanted roof, 3), and Chrysler Building (4).
Hudson River, north view
Boats on the Hudson
Part of Battery Park City
West Side Highway
Bayonne, New Jersey.  A Celebrity Cruise ship is docked.
Sky Portal.  The display on the floor shows in real time the traffic in the area
of the Observatory.  People were sitting  or lying on the floor taking "selfies".
Another view of Liberty Island and Ellis Island.
Governors Island.  Verrazano Bridge in the background.
Brooklyn on left side of photo.
Northeast view with bridges in visible.
A small portion of the 102nd Floor.
The display on the walls of the elevator as it was
going down.  Photo somewhat blurry.
Looking northeast.....Queensboro Bridge in center left, Queens to the right.
As one walks to the 100th Floor one passes a snack bar,
Observatory photographers, etc.   There is a gift shop on
the 100th Floor.
Taken from Broadway and Vesey Street
This photo was taken from corner of
Broadway and Chambers Street.

Above - Ticket to the One World Observatory.  I didn't make a note of the price for individuals 65 or over and
children under 13.  You should be able to find that information by clicking

The Observatory opened to the public on May 29, 2015.

The Top of the World  Observation deck of the former World Trade Center (WTC) was on the 107th Floor.  
Unlike the new Observatory, the former WTC had an outside deck on the 110th Floor.