In red (background) Titi Catalina, Titi Feli, Juana Torrens
(Grandma's sister), Maria Esther Nieves (cousin, RIP).  
Photo taken at La Granja, Estate Whim
Juana Torrens (RIP) and Titi Juana (Ma's sister).  In the
background could be Frankie D'Abreu (cousin's
husband), and Titi Guilla.   Don't know who's sitting.
"La Granja", Estate Whim, St. Croix, 1982.
Left to right:  Titi Guilla (RIP), Camel (Tio Tomas' daughter),
Don Paco (Pascual Lanzot, Titi Moncha's husband, RIP),
Titi Catalina (RIP) & Titi Kiki/Feli (RIP).

Left to right - Titi Guilla, Camel, Titi Catalina, Titi Feli (RIP),
Don Paco, and standing foreground, Min (sister).
Maria Esther Melendez Roebuck (cousin, one of Titi Catalina's
daughters) holding court.    To left of Maria is
Titi Juana.  The person standing with striped shirt is
Lolin Belardo (cousin).
Standing - Carlos Juan (one of Titi Guilla's sons), and
Nilsa Melendez (Titi Catalina's daughter).  Sitting could
be Yolanda for Titi Guilla, her children (Maryvel & Junito)
& Tabita (per Lily).
At the Frederiksted Pool (now known as the Vincent F. Mason,
Jr. Coral Resort).  Left to right:  Titi Catalina, Ma,
Titi Paca.  Over Ma's shoulder is Isabel Belardo-James.  
To the right of Titi Paca is Jorge (Jorgito).
Titi Moncha (RIP).  What is she watching?  It was always
a pleasure visiting her in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.  
The reunion was from 6/26  to 7/4/82
02/12/06, 05/24/20
Family Reunion, 1982, Page 1
Ma.  Same photo in color and b/w.
Eneida, Nilsa, Titi Guilla, Min, and hidden is Camel.
Have no idea who they are.  Could it be Michael outside
the tent and Camille inside?
Jessica and Eric