Clockwise, starting left:  Lolin (Genoveva's daughter),
Noemi (Ismael's wife), Genoveva (RIP),
and Doña Juanita (Tio Teyo's widow).
Three teenagers having fun?  All are nephews.  
Left to right:  Hernan (Puchi, RIP)), Jorge (Jorgito),
and Francisco (Frankie).
Left to right:  Carmen (Luz, cousin), Louie (Carmen's
husband), John (Eneida's husband, RIP) and Francine
(Eneida's daughter).
Mother and daughter having a chat.  
Maria Esther and Lily.   Upper right corner, Hugo.  

Hugo and Yvette.  Yvette having something to eat.  
To  the right, Javier pouring himself a drink?  
Lower left, Juana Torrens.  
The table in the foreground:  Standing is Vinnie.  
Sitting - Angelita with daughter, Freddy.  Across the
table - Left to right:   Pablo [Pin (RIP)], watching the men
on the other table playing a game], Puchi, Frankie,
Piano (RIP) and Jorgito.  Upper left corner - El palo de
aprines!   (The jojo plum tree.)

At the beach.  Sitting on top of table, Yvette
(Titi Kiki's daughter).  On table seat, Titi Kiki
and Hugo, her son.

To left of Yvette, Titi  Moncha.  I think baby
to right is Bernissa being held by Maria.
Antonia (Toña) Ledesma (RIP) and Don Carmelo (RIP).

The Family Reunion was a fun time.  We
came from various places and met on
St. Croix for a few fun filled days.

To those now gone, thanks for the good
times we shared!
02/15/06, 05/24/20
Family Reunion, 1982, Page 2
Jorgito, Policeman George (RIP), and Paco
Family and friends

Hotel on the Cay.  Above - Paul, Carmen and Manny.
Dancing - Jorge and Carmen.

May 24, 2020 - Most of the elders who attended the Family Reunion have since passed away - Ma, Titi Moncha,
Titi Guilla. Juana Torrens, Titi Juana, Titi Feli, Titi Paca, Titi Catalina, Don Carmelo, Don Paco, and Doña Juanita.  
Also deceased since the Reunion are Maria Esther Roebuck, Antonia Ledesma, Genoveva, Piano, Police George,
John, and Puchi (the youngest).    May they all Rest in Peace!!