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St Croix - Page 27 A

These photos were taken during my November to December 2009 trip.
The moon and another planet.
The first full moon in December.
At the Estate St. George's Botanical Garden
Prince Street from Hill.  Left to right - new homes, American
Legion, and wall of old convent.

The 18th Century Mansion of a wealthy merchant
and built by slave laborers, the Danish School was in
1798 converted to a military hospital.  Later in the
19th century, the building was transformed into
a school, in accordance with Peter Von Scholten's
directive from King Frederik VI to provide universal ,
compulsory education.  It remained a school until
the mid 20th century.  Later, it housed both the
police force and government offices.

Destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, restoration
of the historical treasure commenced in 2006 and
was completed in April 2009.  Proudly, much of its
original architectural features have been restored.

Dedicated September 26, 2009
John P. De Jongh, Governor
A panoramic view of Danish School and courtyard.
Frederiksted Hotel, also see Page 25
Panoramic view of part of the
waterfront park and pier.
Estate Bethlehem Sugar Factory Restoration.
The following photos were taken from the pier.
It was very windy and I had not walked with
the tripod so it was hard to hold the camera
steady.  The panoramic views were at times
difficult to shoot.
The day was at times cloudy, the next minute sunny.
In this photo the rain can be seen in the distance.  
It did not rain on the pier.
A pelican taking a break.
Fort Frederik and the clock tower.
Bust of Verne I. Richards
Apothecary Hall has been closed for a few years.
A not too clear rainbow.
The 7 poles that can be seen around the ferris wheel are
used for night games since a stadium is in the area.  The
ferris wheel is up for the Christmas festivities, which we
call Villages.  Food, drink and entertainment is available
in the Villages.  Ends about the first week of January.
Panoramic view.  In this setting one can take from 2 - 3 shots before "stitching" them together.  
However, due to the high winds on the pier sometimes it was hard to match the scene from one photo
to the next.  If you look closely at the yellow wall, you will notice a mismatch.
The southern tip of the island, Sandy Point.
The waves break against the wall.  At times the water
ends up in the park!
The sun had begun to set.  However, due to the clouds,
the scene took on a different look.
Also see Page 25
Mr. McBean was born in 1769 and died in 1830. Lived on
St. Croix 46 years, so he came when he was 15.
The cane from around the island was transported to
the Factory for processing then most of it was
shipped off island.
<-------------- Remnants of a walk-way of the old dock. ----------->
Fort Frederik

Views of other places on the beautiful island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands.  
Part of Strand Street.  Red roof - Gardine's residence.
Another part of Strand.  Blue building on left is a Hotel.  
Red roofs, foreground, are part of clinic.  
White buildings in center are Harrigan Court, which
is on Mars Hill.
I have no idea who owns this or who took the photo.  However, it was
posted on Facebook and sent to me.  I cleaned photo up a little.
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