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St. Patrick's School - Back in The Days! - Page 16

The following photos were taken from a 1962 and 1963 St. Patrick's Yearbook, The Patrician.  
Thanks to Ms. Moors (Principal) and Mrs. Garcia (Office Manager) for allowing me to view the books.  
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Inside the main building of St. Patrick's.

From the 1962 Patrician Yearbook.
All of Fifth Grade.

Part of Third Grade, my sister's (Nilsa) class.

Part of 9th Grade, my sister's (Maria) class.

Per one of the yearbooks, the nuns who taught in grammar school were Sister Mary Carlos (Kindergarten),
Sister Mary Alida (Grade 1, also Miss Iris López), Sister Mary Hyacynth (G2), Sister Mary Clarisse (G3),
Sister Mary Gonzalez (G4), Sister Mary Ingrid (G5), Sister Mary Robertine (G6), Sister Mary Willibald (G7) and
Sister Mary Alban (G8, plus a lay teacher, Miss Noah).    I remember Sister Alida
and Miss Lopez, Sister Hyacynth, Sister Gonzalez, Sister Ingrid, Sister Willibald, Sister Alban and Ms. Noah.

Other nuns were Sister Mary Constantina (Principal), Sister Mary Leona, Sister Mary Romualda,
Sister Mary Aleyde, and Sister Mary Pius.  These mostly taught grades 9-12.

The priests were Father Frank Vonasek (C.SS.R), Father Virgil Caskey and Father Chessman.
Sister Robertine with Graciela, ?, Mae Louise, and LaVerne.

Sixth Grade class:  1 - Joseph, 2 - Clifton, 3 - Luis, 4 - Eszart, 5 - Lloyd, 6 - Rodney,
7 - Sister Mary Robertine, 8 - Charles, 9 - Patricia, 10 - Jorge (aka George), 11- Lionel, 12 - Graciela,
13- Lorraine, and 14 - Mae Louise.  

Guesses are:  A - LaVerne, B - Wilfredo, C - Jesus, D - Enrique, and E - Eugene.  Others not sure.

And what was being shown via the projector?
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A painting of St. Patrick's Church.  The painting is on a tile.  Signed by Lobo or Cobo.

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April 19, 2020 - I began cleaning out my closets a while back since I decided to rent the small room of my apartment  
to a friend.  I had to shift things around which had been stored in the closets to make space.  In so doing, I decided
to get rid of the many photo albums I had stored in the foyer closet.  Damn, I did not know I had that many photo
albums.  Before shredding the photos/postcards and souvenirs, I looked at them and decided to keep a few.
I will post what I saved and scanned on various pages.   Some photos and postcards may be posted on other
pages.  Everything posted will be as scanned without adjusting the photo for color, clarity, etc.  
What you see is what you get.  Watermark will not be added.  No kallaloo here, just simplicity.

Below are the photos/postcards/souvenirs being added.  Keep in mind, some may be duplicates.  

Isn't this just beautiful?  Do you have a copy of your Kindergarten Diploma??  
I found this when I was cleaning out one of Ma's dresser drawers.