This is the corner of Prince and Market Streets,
May 2005.  A tree has overtaken the two story
building that once stood here.  Westley Thomas
sold candies, etc., on the first floor.  Across the
street was Maldonado's grocery store.  To the right,
red roof, you can see part of the market.  The market
was where we'd get our fresh fruits and veggies.  To
the south of the market was Johnny Belardo's store.

A building on King Street.  Was this where
Bata Shoe Store once stood?  
This photo taken May 2005
On the first floor was Don Domingo's grocery
store.   This is on Queen Cross Street.  We'd shop
here on credit (trust).  Don Domingo had a
Composition Notebook where he kept a rolling tally of
what was bought, how much was paid, etc.
09/06/06, 06/09/20
More Views of St. Croix

The corner of Prince and Queen Cross Streets
looking towards Hospital St.   Where the car is
parked is where I lived till 1960. Where all the trees
can be seen on the right side were once homes!  
Hugo and/or other storms destroyed them. The
two story building seen to the left in the foreground
was once a house.   Here lived Miss Endrina.  There
was a delicious custard apple tree in her yard.  
A few feet from her house was a public faucet,
where we  went to get water.  This was during a
time when  most homes had no running water!
Look closely and you see the first few letters of my name.   Keep in mind
that I  used George as much as Jorge.  Here you can see "Ge".  This was
written in the cement of a gutter  that was laid down on the western side of
Prince Street, close to Queen Cross St.  Part of the name has disappeared.  
This was written in the 60s.  Same view taken in 2007 can be seen in  
The monument as you enter St. Patrick's Church from Prince Street in honor of the sailors
that died in the tsunami of 1867.  For more information, click
here and here

Views around Divi Hotel, Christiansted.  In the photo at left, look at the top of the hill and you can see the "castle".

Below, another view as seen from the beach of the Divi Carina Hotel.

April 19, 2020 - I began cleaning out my closets a while back since I decided to rent the small room of my apartment  
to a friend.  I had to shift things around which had been stored in the closets to make space.  In so doing, I decided
to get rid of the many photo albums I had stored in the foyer closet.  Damn, I did not know I had that many photo
albums.  Before shredding the photos/postcards and souvenirs, I looked at them and decided to keep a few.
I will post what I saved and scanned on various pages.   Some photos and postcards may be posted on other
pages.  Everything posted will be as scanned without adjusting the photo for color, clarity, etc.  
What you see is what you get.  Watermark will not be added.  No kallaloo here, just simplicity.

Below are the photos/postcards/souvenirs being added.  Keep in mind, some may be duplicates.  

Davis Bay before the resort was built.  
See St. Croix 3.    (c) Ron Cox
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Can you name each location?  Don't cheat.
Photography by In Phocus, Don Hebert