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Williamsburg Bridge and More  - Page WWWW
Delancey and Clinton Streets, Manhattan
Someone being creative
At the center of the bridge
the walkway splits into two -
left side for bikes, right side
for pedestrians.  
See photos below.
pedestrians on the right.
View of Brooklyn, and park on
Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges
with Brooklyn on the left.
Manhattan and Brooklyn
bridges.  Helicopter over
Icy and Sot, South 6 Street, Brooklyn
Train headed to Manhattan
Williamsburgh Bank,
Broadway, Brooklyn
Mural/Painting on side of
building, South 6 Street area.
the Brooklyn
Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges
with Manhattan on the right.
My yellow hibiscus has turned orange.  Orange is the new yellow!!  
Color change could possibly be due to weather!?!?
M (Middle Village via Brooklyn to Forest
Hills) and J (Manhattan to Jamaica via
Brooklyn) trains run over the bridge
To Manhattan
To Brooklyn
Did the cold turn
this hibiscus into
a star shaped
Jigsaw, 500 pieces, "Winter Cardinals" (c) Rosemary Millette
November 10, 2014 - Below, you will see photos of the Fulton Center.  This hub will connect various subway lines
and will also have retail stores.  I also took a few photos of the World Trade Center.  One World Trade Center was
opened on November 3rd.  The Center was opened today.
of the
many ever
One World Trade Center
Inside Fulton Center - the dome
Will be the Transportation Hub
The circles with letters/numbers are
mirrors thus very hard to take a photo.
Closeup of view above, right.
Huge digital billboard in Times Square.  
On facade of Marriott Hotel.
1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, "Working on the Farm".   Photo by Doyle Yoder.  Left - Puzzle partially completed with
pieces separated by color in trays.  Right - A closer view.  (I have to learn how to cut down the glare!)
Completed puzzle!

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