06/30/19, 07/01/19
June 2019 - Page 36

June 21st, I left New York City for St. Croix via San Juan.  The 8:50 flight became 9:52.  Strangely enough even
with the delay the flight arrived as expected had it left 850.  I arrived on St. Croix at 8 a.m.  The trip was to attend
the 50th Anniversary Class Reunion of St. Joseph and Central High Schools.  I had a great time, though I only
stayed for 2 days of event.  The reunion was scheduled to run from June 23 to June 29.  Page 37 will have the
photos I took during the 2 days I participated.  I stayed at
The Fred on Strand Street in Frederiksted.  
The hotel is very nice and was still under construction during my stay.  Swimming pool, restaurant, etc.,
to open later this year.  Below are some of the photos I took.   They may not all be posted in date order.

I left St. Croix at 6:10 p.m. on June 24
th and arrived in JFK after 1 a.m. on June 25th.

The combination of the old building and the new
form the center of operations for JetBlue Airways,
in JFK and is collectively known as Terminal 5 or
T5.  Terminal 5 is located at the opposite end to the
central axis of the master plan from the International
Airport John F. Kennedy, in southeast Queens in
New York City, USA , about 19 miles from Manhattan.

At left, a Trans World Airlines (TWA) plane.

On an American flight right after TWA stopped
flying an American Airlines pilot said that TWA
stood for "Travel With American".

Original building dedicated in May 1962 and will
now become a hotel.

These photos will also appear on Page ZZZZZ.
Moon at 30,000 plus feet
Sister's residence, Estate Whim
Clinic and other buildings, Strand Street.  
Taken from balcony of The Fred
Christensen's property.  
Bottom floor was once Plantation Night Club.
Rainbow Beach, bar and license plates on wall.
Morinda citrifolia is a fruit-bearing tree in the coffee family,
I stayed in Room 1201, hallway leading from front to
back porch.
Second floor
Tiles, 1st floor
Part of Room 1201
View from Rivera's residence.
Christiansted's boardwalk.
More views from Rivera's residence.
Frederiksted (F'sted), Strand Street,
Ann Abramson Marine Facility.
Taken with cell phone
Part of the shore.
The sun beginning to set.
Taken with cell

As I took the photos of the beautiful sunset a young man began a conversation with me.  He asked me if I was a
professional photographer.  I told him I was not.  He said I sounded like someone he knew.  Who?  My brother.  
And then he started what would become a very interesting conversation.  We talked about religion, use of
marijuana, world issues, age, etc.  It was an incredible chat.  I could have continued the chat for hours.  
Unfortunately, he had to run an errand.  The young man turned out to be a  relative, a cousin.  Had he not talked
to me, I would not have known who he was.  How small the world is!   I thanked the young man for starting the
conversation!!  Too bad, I did not take a selfie with my cousin.
What was once the Apothecary Hall.
Baobab tree, fruit, and flower
Three letters of my first name, which I had written into
cement of gutter on west side of Prince Street at corner
of Queen Cross, is still visible after all these years
Old Convent
Mr. & Mrs. Morales
Chico and Fina)
American Kestrel
Views from Harrigan
Fort Frederik
The Fred from pier
Pier at night using cell.  Taken  06/23/19
Pier.  Photos taken with cell on 6/23/19
Leaving pier.
Pool, not yet open.
House covered in a wild vine.  Taken from Prince Street but house is on Queen.
Nathalie M. Petersen
Sign lit up at night.
Bar area.