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April 23, 2018 - Page 35

Another short trip to St. Croix for my 67th birthday.  I left New York at 66 and returned at 67.  How you like that?

I left on JetBlue flight 1503 from JFK at 11:39 p.m.  I arrived in San Juan at about 3:30 a.m. and at 7:30 a.m. left on
Seaborne flight 3512 for St. Croix.  I left St. Croix at 6 p.m. on flight 3557.  At about 8:30 p.m. I left San Juan on
JetBlue's flight 1904.  All flights left on time.

This trip was especially important since I was able to see some of the effects of Hurricane Maria had on the
island in September 2017.  
Leaving San Juan, Puerto Rico
Flying over Vieques, PR
St. Croix from plane.  Pier and a portion of F'sted.
Many of the blue roofs are actually a plastic cover (tarp) since the houses lost their roofs during the hurricane.
The following photos taken from inside car as we drove
from airport to cemetery.
Huge mahogany tree toppled.
Prince Street, corner of Queen Cross Street.  The huge tamarind tree next to Anglican Church was destroyed.
The following photos taken from inside the cemetery.
Before the hurricane most of the houses on the lower
part of the hil were not visible.
I left the cemetery and began a walking tour.  
This house is adjacent to the cemetery
Baobab tree.
See any fruit
on the tree?
Old staircase
Old Danish School with St. Patrick's at a distance.
St. Patrick's Church
St. Patrick's
Market Street.  Was once a post office, police station, and
Originally Brow Soda.  Corner of King and Market Streets.
Strand Street.
Broken chains
Toppled columns
King Street.  Where Padilla once had his office.
Building on King Cross Street
King Cross, corner of Prince Street.
How old was the huge tamarind
tree that once stood here?
Corner of Prince and Queen Cross Streets.  Notice that the house on the right appears not to have been touched by
the hurricane.
Left - House on Queen Cross Street where my family lived for a while.  Right - Where Taco once lived.  
Left - House on eastern corner of Hospital and Queen Cross Streets.  
Right - The additions to the Christian house.  Fisher Street.
Left - Post office being repaired.  Right - Beautiful artwork at the bus stop by Harrigan Court Housing Community.
Whim Greathouse.  Entire roof gone!
What is left of Sprat Hall restaurant on the beach.
What was once a gas station across from Sunshine Mall.
Leaving St. Croix.  
Salt River
In the clouds
Flying over Vieques.
Bye to Vieques
Back to Puerto Rico.
Roofless hanger being used to store debris close to
Terminal A - JetBlue
For former view, see St. Croix 20
For former view, see St. Croix 20
For former view, see St. Croix 21
Can also be seen on St. Croix 21
For a view of the house, see St. Croix 21
A view of this house can be seen on St. Croix 21 and
St. Croix 22
Also see St. Croix 22.
Also see St. Croix 22.
Please also see St. Croix 22.
Also see St. Croix 24.
Also see St. Croix 24.
Also see St. Croix 25.
Also see St. Croix 25.
King Cross Street, between Queen and Prince Streets.  
Also see
St. Croix 23.
Can be seen, though not clearly, on St. Croix 23.
Also see St. Croix 21.
The original house, before the additions to the
back were made, can be seen on
St. Croix 22.
Also see About Me 1.
Beautiful clouds.
Cruzan Rum Distillery
Views like this seen all over F'sted.  Many trees have
been trimmed.
In 2017 the view north from Ma's grave was limited due
to the many trees.  This year the view is from one end
to the next.
Strange looking tomb.
One of the trees that blocked the view north now toppled.
The cemetery wall has been damaged in a few places.
The roots of the tree at left.
Steeple of St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Prince Street,
close to King Cross Street
Sunset - What we saw as we landed in San Juan.
This and next two photos taken with
Samsung J7.  Foreground, Ma's tomb.
What was once a gate on King Cross and  East Streets.
North side.  Davis Bay/Carambola Beach Resort?
St. Croix's airport, Seaborne plane.
Waiting to connect in San Juan.
Cell phone used to take photo.

July 2nd - While going through my photo albums looking for photos of the Clover Crest Hotel (Hams Bluff,
Frederiksted, St. Croix), I came across these two postcards.  According to the cards there are of Frederiksted
and Christiansted around 1850.
(c) R & R Trading, Inc., St. Thomas.
Cattle in the bay, birds in the air and a fishermen with a seine.   
Is that Fort Frederik on the right?

And how do you like the spelling of Frederiksted?