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March 25, 2017 - I made copies of the following photos after I went through a few old photo albums.  
The photos are so old they are most have turned darker than when originally taken.  
Below are a few photos from the albums.   Photos were taken in 1978 and 1979 with one or two
possibly taken before or after!  Some photos may be  repeated on other pages.
Maria (sis) and Cusa (Sis-I-L),
Rivera's residence, Campo Rico, St. Croix.
Top to bottom:  Jorge, Cholo & Louie (both
nephews), Campo Rico, St. Croix
Jorgito, 1980
Jorge, St. George Village, St. Croix
Jorge, St. Thomas, after a day of shopping.  
The phoney looking moustache is ink on the photo!
Jorge and Cusa, Count Mirasol Fort (Fortin Conde de Mirasol)
overlooking Isabel II, Vieques, PR
Paco and Cusa at same fort in Vieques
Brother and wife
Ma showing off the big fish she had just caught
(at the fish market) and was getting ready to cook.
Louie, nephew
Puchi (Hernan Jr, nephew)
Resting in peace!
Paco,  Jorge and Ma
1975, Wedding

Nilsa.  Left - Where was she going all dressed up?  
A wedding.  St. Croix.  
Right - Getting dressed for cold weather!  New York.
Paco and Jorge,
Belardo's residence,
Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY
Carmen (cousin) with Mama Lola (grandma),
St. Croix.
Jorge nude.  My first typewriter.  Purchased from Sears
catalog while on St. Croix.  What was I typing?  58th Avenue,
Elmhurst, NY.  Heel of my foot is covering everything!  LOL
I think my friend, Henry, took this photo.  What happened
to all that curly hair on my head?
My cats, Mitzu and Jasmine.  60th Avenue,
Elmhurst, NY.  1976.  Due to allergies, I sent
them to my sister, Carmen,  on St. Croix.
My nephew, Papo, 1983
Grandparents grave - Cusa and Bernissa (left), Maria and Marc (next to grave),
Vieques, PR
Left - Outside the fort.  Right - Theater in town.  
Vieques, PR
This and next photo also
posted on Family 2.

May 14, 2017 - Photos below found in my 1983 photo albums.
Left to right - Nana (a friend), Min, Cusa (center), Ma,
Titi Paca, and Titi Guilla.  With back to camera - Lily.
Nilsa behind Titi Paca, Glory, Min and Titi Guilla.  
With back to camera, again, is Lily
Titi Guilla.
Sitting - Cusa (sister-in-law)
Standing - Che (cousin)
Isabel  Belardo-James
A very good friend.  More like a sister.