05/18/08, 03/30/17
Views of St. Croix - Page 17
This and next  6  photos were taken from a hill
overlooking Frederiksted.
Natural pool in rocks in Northside, referred to as
Sweet Bottom Bath.  Also see last photo.
These 2 photos were shot in Hams Bluff
This and next 2 photos were taken at Carlton Beach
This and next 2 photos were taken at Salt River
View of Harrigan Court from hill.
Visible are buildings 2, 3 (foreground) and 4.
Lagoon and Sandy Point from hill
Steeple Building, Company Street, Christiansted.
Fort Frederik and Clock Tower
View of porches along King Street, Christiansted
Ludvig E Harrigan Housing.  View  from street to building 1
with parts of buildings 4 and 5 (next to tree).
South side of East End from Point Udall monument
3 &
Marley Housing

March 30, 2017 - While going through an old photo album, I came across the following photo.  
There is a photo above showing the same pool but from another angle.  I was told the name of the pool is
Sweet Bottoms.  Another name for the pool is Monk's Bath.