04/26/11, 05/15/20
2011 Cruise, Page A, Embarkation, First Day, Barbados

This cruise was on the Adventure Of The Seas, Royal Caribbean International.  The cruise began April 17th
and ended April 24th.  The ship is beautiful!  The Royal Promenade on Deck 5 is something to behold.  
There is great art displayed throughout the ship.  There is something to please everyone.  If one is not
interested in dressing up for dinner there is the Windjammer Café on Deck 11.  The buffet style café offers
many great dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For those that are interested in dressing up, there is a
3 deck dining room, each deck with a different name (Mozart, Strauss and Vivaldi)!  There were 2 formal
nights. We visited Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, and St. Croix with the first day at sea.  
This cruise was a gift to myself for my 60th Birthday.  Photos will be displayed as they were taken.

Left - Centrum and display above the Imperial Lounge.  
Above - Carnival Victory all lit up in San Juan's harbor.
Mural (Carnaval) outside Spa.  Scene continued to the left.
Pool area
Centrum, forward.
Centrum, midship

Boarding the ship.  The shirt I am wearing is a blue striped shirt.  Don't know why the shirt shows up the way it
does when photo scanned and watermarked.  Maybe I need a new scanner or a change in settings?
Display midship
Display aft
Left - Part of Royal Promenade.  Right - Rock climbing.
Sports Deck
Art work could be found throughout the ship.  These were in the staircases.
Entrance to the Viking Crown Lounge
Royal Promenade
Before the passengers get to
the lounge chairs to soak up
the Caribbean sun!
Sun rise!
Display of various Royal
Caribbean ships.
Most art works were by Norwegians.

Above - Part of the harbor of Barbados as seen from
cabin 8330;  2 Canadian navy ships.
Right - Elton and I as we got off the ship.
Elton enjoying the view.

Passengers returning to the ship.  Taken from pier.  Photo
at right taken from promenade on Deck 4.
Mushroom Rock
Bathsheba, rugged East Coast of Barbados.
I call this: "The Lady in the Water"
Left - White Frangipani (Plumeria).  On Barbados there were colors of frangipani I had never seen before.
My favorite was a deep red with a pink center.  Never got close enough to it to take a photo.  
Right - Vendors close to the Mushroom Rock.
Ruins of what was once Farley Hill Mansion
Left - Workers painting/cleaning side of ship.  Right - At every port the ship will run a hose to the local water system.  
In Barbados after the hose was removed the water did not stop running.  Attempts were made to stop it with no luck.  
We left the port and the water was still running.

For other photos of Barbados taken during the 2008 cruise, please click here.
View from the grounds of the Farley Hill mansion
Pool area
Jacuzzis next to pools, one under repair.
Elton taking photo of a band that
was playing as we left the dock.
I need to start wearing my polo shirts tucked in my pants or stop wearing them all together.  
Looks like I am wearing a tire around my waist!  LMPRAO
View from the hotel we stopped at for a drink.  I think the name of hotel is New Edgewater in Bathsheba.
There were surfers in the water, though not visible in
this photo.