The eastern exit of Yellowstone was closed so we had to go through Cooke City, Montana to get back to Cody,
Wyoming.  We visited a replica of an old trail town.  The photo below, left, is a cabin.  Notice the pile of elk horns to
the left of the cabin in photo below
This postcard and the one above, right, are from the Whitney Gallery of Western Art, located in Cody.  
Postcard, "Land of living legends and rich traditions".  Photo by D. Vanderhoff
Left - The highest elevation reached during our tour.    Right - Next we went to the Bighorn Mountains and the Devils
Tower National Monument.  A sign on the way to the Tower
The Devils Tower National Monument.  An incredible site.  
According to a guide, many people come here to climb  the tower.  
Prairie dogs.  They were seen throughout the area.    
The one standing appears to be the lookout.
08/13/06, 05/12/20
Las Vegas and National Parks, 1996 - Page G
Two close-up views of the side of Devils Tower so you can see the rock formation.

Please click here to see photos of the 2013 National Parks Tower.  We did not visit Devils Tower in 2013.