02/19/07, 05/27/20
Family Photos - Page 18
Jason in a very pensive mood at left.  Jason and Steve having a super lightweight boxing match at right.
At Titi Paca's residence in La Granja (Est. Whim).  
Left to right are Lizzy, Ma, Cusa (hidden),
Titi Catalina, Min, Maria, Titi Paca and Glory.
Having dinner with the Morales family.  Left to right are Nelson, Jorge,
Paco and Bernissa.
Jorge on St. Thomas, April 1991.  Was visiting for the carnival.
At the Riveras residence in Campo Rico.  Left are Don Carmelo and Paco.  Right are Ma (in corner),
Min on banister, Javier in chair and Nilsa.  Other chair is occupied by Maria.
Photo at left - Paola and Jessica.  Right are Nelson (kneeling), Louie, Bernissa, Eric, and Jorgito.
All photos taken 1990/1991