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April & May 2016 - EEEEE

Below are the photos taken in April 2016.   Aaron, one of my grandnephews, got me involved with the
adventures of Flat Stanley.  Below are 3 photos from the project.  My grandnephew lives in
North Carolina and is in the 2nd grade.  I took Flat on my trip to Lancaster.  For more information about
Flat Stanley, please visit
At left - Flat enjoying my sister's plants.  Below:  
Unisphere, Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  One of
the many views Flat enjoyed from my terrace.
April 9, 2016 -  On our way to Shady Maple, it rained and snowed.  These photos of the snow were taken from inside
the bus as it traveled on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
The farm that can be seen from
the parking lot in Kitchen Kettle.
Outside Lupe's - Across from Kitchen Kettle.
A display in Kitchen Kettle.
Another view enjoyed by Flat.  Look closely and you will see a plane
headed to La Guardia Airport flying over Flushing Meadows Corona Park.
Ma had a vine growing in her garden.  
She called it Miosoti.
Daffodils and Tulips
Buds and flowers.  In front of Section 3, LeFrak City.  
Have no idea what name of plant is
A beautiful sunrise.  The sun is now rising from the east!
The same beautiful sunrise a second later.   See the plane????

April 30th - Views inside and outside Brookfield Place, which is across the World Trade Center.  
Sun shining through a
"wing" of Transit Hub
Part of Hub and One World Trade Center.
Water cascading down wall
of the North Pool
Building is a few blocks north of
WTC.  Floors have odd shape.
Transit Hub from Brookfield.
Christmas Cactus

May 2016
View from terrace as sun was setting on  a cloudy day.  
This photo the camera set at automatic.  
Photo at right the camera was set at sunset.
Electric Daisy Carnival at Citi Field's parking lot.
Little Bay
The Throgs Neck Bridge in the background.
19.25 in. x 26.625 in. Image by Mike Jones.
Falcon on roof of Mandalay building.
Retractable roof on the Arthur Ashe stadium completed?
Flowers on 10th Floor terrace.  Taken from my terrace.
550 piece jigsaw puzzle, Irisation, by
Danita Delimont, Alamy Stock Photo.
Morpho peleides or Common Morpho Butterfly.  
Photo taken in Sammamish, Washington
Copy of box cover.

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