08/09/17, 07/23/20
August 2017 - QQQQQ

August 1st - Flowers seen in the neighborhood.

August 6th - Moon; August 7 - Sunrise.
Using the Sunset setting.
Moon coming out from behind a cloud.

August 8th - Back to The National Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia and The Miraculous Medal Shrine,
Philadelphia with L&M Tours.  Also see
Two of the many window designs.
Organ at back of church.   Photo at right taken using Sunset setting.
Where St. Rita's relic is stored.
St. Rita's habit is changed about every 40 to 50 years.  
This habit was the last one to be replaced.
In case you can't make out words:  "Authentic religious
habit which was worn by the incorrupt body of Saint Rita."

It is said that St. Rita's flesh has not decayed over the
years.  However, since her garments do decay they are
replaced periodically.
Statues of various saints and Mother of Good Counsel.
St. Rita, Margherita Lotti, lived 1381 to May 22, 1457.
The Miraculous Medal Shrine

At left, St. Thomas Aquinas.  Above - better view of the
On our way home.  Taken from inside mini-van.  
West Side Highway.  Used Sunset setting.
Macy's, 34th Street, from inside mini-van, using
Sunset setting.  Right - Uniqlo store.

1st of 4 panes of a mural dedicated to the Mummers.  Murals on wall
on Washington Ave. under I95 highway overpass not too far from
where we had lunch (Ruby Buffet).  Mummers Museum close by.
Only 3 panes photographed.
Name under left figure.
Name under right figure
On pyramid:  Oregon Club 1939, Capt. Bill Simmers

"Mummers tradition dates back to 400 BC
and the Roman Festival of Saturnalias
where Latin laborers marched in masks
throughout the day of satire and gift
exchange. This included Celtic variations
of “trick-or-treat” and Druidic noise-making
to drive away demons for the new year.

The Mummers parade is a celebration of
the New Year but is serious business in
Philadelphia. Clubs work on the costumes
and practice all year for their one day in
the sun (…wind, rain or snow).

There are many lively discussions over
the scoring by the judges and adherence
to the complicated set of rules the
marchers must follow when being
judged. String Bands are judged on their
musical presentation as well as the
costumes. Seeing and hearing a
String Band performing live in the
parade is a one-of-a-kind experience.

The outdoor parade was postponed in
2003, the first time in 13 years. There
have been 22 weather-related
postponements since 1922. There was
no parade in 1919 due to WW1 and in
1934 due to the depression and the
lack of prize money."

Copied from Mummers.com
Sun setting over New Jersey

August 18th - Storm Clouds.  It rained most of the day.
It got dark and gloomy.
After the dark clouds disappeared!
Easterly view.
A beautiful sunset.
South westerly view.

August 20th - Celebrating Harlem Week, 135th Street
Display of antique (classic) cars
Have no idea who the people are in the photos.
Old City Buses.
Looking east on 135th
Lots of vendors, large turn out
The colorful masks/costumes are used to represent
different characters, good & evil,  and can be seen
during carnival and other events.
and or other celebrations.
Plants on a window, St. Nicholas Avenue
View from 135th Street.
A.P. Randolph Campus High School is on
St. Nicholas Terrace.
View from St. Nicholas Park

August 21st - Day of the Partial Eclipse.  

Since I did not have the required gear to view the eclipse and take photos, I  stayed home.  
From my terrace nothing really changed.  It was sunny before, during and after the eclipse.

The next total eclipse in USA will be in 2024.  I think that one will cut across the US from Texas to Maine.  
What will we see in New York City??  The next coast to coast (West to East) eclipse will be in 2045.  
What will we see in New York City in 2045???  I will be better prepared in 2045 if i am alive!!
Beautiful sky.  Left - Auto
setting, right Sunset setting.
Sunset setting
Overpass of LIE.  Getting ready for eclipse.
Sunset setting
The eclipse was to occur at 2:44.   This was taken at 2:46.  Still a beautiful sky.
Auto setting
Sunset setting

August 23rd - Went shopping in Ikea, Red Hook, Brooklyn with Elton.
The following photos taken from inside the store.  Also see
Page RRR.
New Jersey in background
Manhattan in background
New Jersey on left, Manhattan on right.
Parking lot for school buses in foreground.

August 24th - Ford Amphitheater, Coney Island, to see The Temptations (only original member is Otis Williams),
The Four Tops (only original member is Abdul "Duke" Fakir), Mary Wilson (formerly of The Supremes), and
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (none of the Vandellas are original members, now the Vandellas are
Martha's sisters Lois and Delphine).   
Viewing the stage?  Impossible.  What was visible was the
back of the person sitting in front of me.  Luckily, I was sitting on an aisle seat so I turned sideways, moved
my upper torso into the aisle and was thus able to see the stage.  Not a comfortable position, though.  Elton was
not as fortunate.  
 Seats?  Awful.  We were sitting in Section 203, Row GG, seats 1 and 3.  Next time I will take a
cushion and get seats in a first row of any section since there will be no one in front of me to block my view.
Sound?  Awful at first but it got better. When the M.C. came out, he could not be heard since the microphone
was dead.  Martha started singing without sound.   Show started at 8 p.m and ended about 11:50 p.m.  Too long
to be sitting on an uncomfortable seat.  Mary and Martha performed for about 30 minutes while The Tempts
and Tops performed about an hour each.  There was a break between acts since each performer had its own
band.  The break between The Four Tops and The Temptations was longer, more like what I would call an
intermission.  During each break, I stood up to stretch and massage my aching buttocks.  The monitor on each
side of the stage were not used to transmit what was taking place on stage.   Why not?  We were told that acts
must request the transmission.  Maybe the acts are charged for the transmission?  Even with all the problems,
listening to all the fantastic music was great!  "Duke" sang a solo, "My Life".  I had never heard him sing a solo
before!   He has an incredible voice!   Motown's  incredible acts and songs!!
Parachute Jump.  Lights changed
into various designs of different
colors.  Rays of light in the middle
are coming from a light post
close by.
View of stage from my seat. When the folks in front of me arrived,
the view of the stage disappeared.  Camera of Galaxy J7 used.
Consulate General of the Dominican Republic
And what was so funny?  
Only the 3 musicians in the back knew.
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos