07/25/17, 07/20/20
July 2017 - PPPPP
July 4th - L&M Tour.  After lunch at Shady Maple
Smorgasbord, we took the Strasburg train
The Cherry Crest Maze taking shape.
Sunset:  Taken with cell phone from inside the bus as we drove on the
West Side Highway, Manhattan, July 4th.
This and next photo taken with cell phone.
Moon - July 8th
Back to Coney Island, July 13th.  Also see Page BBBBB and Page OOOOO
All Photos taken with Fuji camera unless otherwise noted.
One of the colorful tiles on a wall
next to the Ford Amphitheater.
Elton on his way back from taking a stroll on the beach.

Wagner Park - Concert - Bettye LaVette -  July 20, 2017 - Photos taken with Galaxy J7 phone.
Pier One
Outside the park
Resonating Bodies, by Tony Cragg
Enormous bronze sculptures – one five feet
tall and fifteen feet long, the other fifteen feet
tall and five feet wide – in the form of musical
instruments, a tuba and a lute. Gargantuan
yet still delicate and realistic, the pieces invite
us to touch and play them.
Lots of boat activity in the area!
Staten Island Ferry and behind it the Verrazano Bridge.
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
Hudson Exchange, Jersey City, New Jersey
A beautiful sunset.  Almost everyone with a camera ran to the edge of the park
to take photos as the sun set over New Jersey.  What a beautiful sight!!
Bettye LaVette, 71 and sounding great!

Back to Battery Park, July 21st.
I took R train to Whitehall Street / South Ferry and then walked from there to the World Financial Center.  
The last time I was in Battery Park most of it was boarded up due to repairs & reconstruction.  Park looks great!   
Minor repairs &/or reconstruction still taking place. Photos taken with Fuji camera.
As the carousel turns the fish change colors.
Seaglasss, a carousel
Miss New York returning from Liberty Island.
Children having a good time.
At the base of the monument there are countries listed
with statistics.  Some countries, like Denmark, were blank.  
These are just a few.
Though not visible, there is a flame.
The American Merchant Marines' Memorial.
View from outside Pier One
Wagner Park, where concert was held on
July 20th as seen from Pier One.
Walkway leading to Wagner Park
Entrance to Wagner Park.
Liberty Island
Ellis Island
New Jersey
Marina at World Financial Center
This map will give you an idea of my walk.  I began my walk at Ferry Terminal (A) and
ended it at the World Financial Center (B).  I have no idea what the distance is in inches,
feet, yards or miles.  If you figure it out,
PLEASE let me know.

July 23rd - Back to World Financial Center.
I took E train to World Trade Center stop, walked through the Oculus and then headed to the World Financial Center.
While sitting on a bench, the Norwegian Breakaway came down the river headed on one of its cruises.
Verrazano Bridge
Aren't they adorable??
New York City Police Memorial
Esplanade heading south.
Boaters having fun!
Liberty Park, New Jersey
For more information about monuments and memorials in
Battery Park, please click
Goldman Sachs Tower,
Hudson Exchange,
tallest building in NJ at
42 stories (781 feet/238
Colgate Clock (CC)
can be seen to the left
of building.
A beautiful leaf which was next to me on the bench I
was on sitting on.  Autumn around the corner?
Celebrity Summit docked in Bayonne, New Jersey.
Norwegian Breakaway
The Breakaway closing in on the Statue of Liberty.
Outside Brookfield Place, World Financial Center
Colgate Clock, New Jersey.
Two different kayakers!
To date, I have not been inside this museum.
Also see Page HHHHH
I am in the photo.   Look closely.
Freedom Tower
The Beast Speedboat Ride.  You want to get wet?  Take this boat ride!

After seeing so much of New Jersey from Battery Park, the World Financial Center (WFC), etc, I decided to make
a trip across the river.  Should I take the PATH or one of the many ferries that make the trip across
the river?  After doing research, I learned that  the Liberty Landing Ferry, which leaves from the WFC area, visited
Liberty State Park after making a quick stop at the Warren Street pier (close to the Goldman Sachs Tower and
Colgate Clock).  On July 28th, I took the ferry over to New Jersey.  These are the photos I took.  There was a haze
hanging over the area so some of the photos may look a little "blurry".   I tried my best to "sharpen" the photos
that looked a little blurry due to the haze.  The ferry ride over did not take long.  

While relaxing on a chair in the WFC area after my visit to New Jersey, I found out the Sea Princess was leaving
NYC at about 6.  I waited to see the ship cruise down the Hudson.  The ship would visit ports in USA, Caribbean,
cross the Panama Canal, visit a few ports in South America and then head west.  The last port of
call would be Sydney, Australia on September 2, 2017.
Photographed on 60th Avenue, Elmhurst on my way to Manhattan.
Touched up
Leaving pier.
Ferry Pier
WFC from ferry
Brookfield Place
Looking back at pier from top deck of ferry.  
Haze is quite visible.
Liberty State Park
This and following 9 photos taken as we crossed river.
Ferry crossing Morris Canal to drop off
passengers at Liberty Landing Marina for
Back of Colgate Clock visible.
View from boardwalk.
The Queen Mary 2 docked in Red  Hook
Various views of Freedom Tower, World Trade Center
As seen from the walkway by the clock
Warren Street - Ferry getting
ready to crossto Liberty
Landing Marina.
New Jersey's Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial
The walls/path are directed toward Ground Zero.  
Metal from the World Trade Center
View as ferry worked cruised into the Morris Canal.
Ferries came here with immigrants from Ellis Island who then
boarded trains to travel to other parts of NJ and the country.
Outside the railway station
Waiting area, etc.
Vintage train
Ellis Island as seen from Liberty State Park.  Ferry from
Liberty State Park takes passengers to Ellis and Liberty
Island (Statue of Liberty).
Ferry arriving.
There was a ferry about every 1/2 hour.
View of Manhattan from
Liberty State Park
Leaving Liberty State Park and heading back to Manhattan
The haze in some of the pictures could also be the
result of the amount of zoom used.
Back at the World Financial
Center (Brookfield Place)
Inside Brookfield Place.
The Sea Princess leaving
New York City
Sea Princess using Sunset setting.
St. Paul's steeple, 209 Broadway (between Fulton
and Vesey Streets).
Balloon Flower by Jeff Koons.  Next to 7 World Trade Center.  Dedicated to the victims of 9/11.

Do you see any difference?
There's an area to sit under the clock in order to relax
and/or enjoy the view.
Colorful buildings.
A display in a Pret a Manger (Ready to Eat) restaurant on Church Street.
The sphere will eventually be moved closer to
Ground Zero.  It will be placed in Liberty Park, across
the street from Ground Zero (World Trade Center).
The memorial is dedicated to 746 New Jerseyans
killed in the World Trade Center in 1993 and in the
September 11 attacks, as well as those who died on
September 11, 2001, at the Pentagon and in
Shanksville, Pennsylvania
The name of the memorial is taken from the Bruce
Springsteen song "Empty Sky", which is about the
"empty sky" where the towers once stood.
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos