07/15/18,  08/27/20
July & August 2018- XXXXX

July 10th - Taking a walk through Flushing Meadows Corona Park I saw this turtle in the Pool of Industry.

July 12th - 42nd Street, close to 6th Avenue, looking west, Manhattanhenge, full sun.

For two days every spring and summer, the sunset lines up with Manhattan’s street grid, creating a beautiful
spectacle. For a brief moment, the sun’s golden rays illuminate the city’s buildings and traffic with
a breathtaking glow.

What is missing?  A photo of the number of photographers in the area and a photo of what 42nd Street,
facing east, looked like with all the sunlight. I didn't take a photo of either.

July 13th - Ford Amphitheater, Coney Island.  Free concert with two Puerto Rican singers, Tito Rojas and
Andy  (Andrés) Montañez.  Due to travel time back home, I did not wait for Andy.  I left Coney Island at 8:20 p.m.
and got home at 10:30 p.m.  Had I waited for Andy, I would have been home after 2 a.m.  
Ride to/from Coney Island is too long.
Tito Rojas
Turtle is sitting on part of a bike that is in water.
Is this called the Pool of Industry?
No, it's not me or my brother.

July 24th - Murals in Brooklyn (3 photos)

July 24th - Moon as it began to move behind water tank (1 photo)

July 25th - Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA, musical "Jesus" (3 items)

July 26th - King Lear being presented in Center Courtyard, LeFrak City  (taken with cell phone, 2 photos)

July 28th - Mushrooms in one of my plants (4 photos)
July 26th
August 1st:  At the National Museum of the American Native, located at the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House,
One Bowling Green, New York, NY 10004 -  
Taíno: Native Heritage and Identity in the Caribbean
Taíno: herencia e identidad indígena en el Caribe

The exhibit was not extensive but the what was shown caused my eyes to tear.  A few of my aunts had told me
that Papa Leo, my grandfather, had always said he was Taíno or part Taíno.  Two photos reminded me of him,
especially the one showing a family with the man wearing a hat.  Granddad wore a similar hat.   But as I walked the
small rooms I kept asking myself why I hadn't discussed our Taíno history with Papa Leo.  Honestly?  Papa Leo
was very strict and most of us were petrified of him.  Would he have sat down with me and tell me about his past,
his heritage, etc?  Too late now.
Taíno words, incorporated into our vocabulary.
Views from the Rotunda.
Inside the Gift Shop
Views from inside the Staten Island Ferry terminal.  FDR Drive, terminal for
ferry to Governors Island, Brooklyn Bridge

August 15th - A visit to New York Aquarium with Elton.
Regular price: $14.95  -  Senior rate:  $12.95
At the Sea Lion performance.
Sea Lion danced, waved, clapped, interacted
with trainers and crowd, etc.
Entering the shark exhibit one enters a tunnel and is
surrounded by the aquarium.  Some photo are blurry
due to the darkness.  Taken with no flash.
Sea Horses
Example of trash that is destroying our ocean.
These two photos, and the one that follows, were taken from the roof of the Shark tank, which has a petting area of
smaller marine animals and snack bar (Oceanview Bites).
Beautiful hibiscus
on the grounds of
the aquarium.
Leatherback turtle.  Sleeping?
Back in Conservation Hall
Fish in a tank in Conservation Hall
This and  following photos are murals on walls of
buildings by boardwalk.
Sharks and
stingray taking a
rest at bottom of
Theme throughout the aquarium - the danger of trash
on the sea and marine life.

August 26th - Traffic signs on Queens Blvd and 62nd Drive.  An afternoon visit to Coney Island.  
The Celebrity Summit and Norwegian Escape leaving New York City.
I was sitting on a bench on the Riegelmann Boardwalk.
Left - Pedestrians can cross.  Right - The countdown which starts at 23 seconds.
Celebrity Summit
Norwegian Escape
Wildflowers growing by the boardwalk.

August 29th - While waiting for a rally at City Hall to commence, I decided to visit the World Trade Center.  
After the rally, I visited the National Museum of the American Indian to listen to the talk about the
Taino Indians.  While in the museum, I took a few photos of the other exhibits on the floor.  On my way home,
I took the photo of the original map of Manhattan, which can be found on the wall of the Whitehall Street
subway station.
A steel beam being moved.
Do you see what the camera and I saw?
At the museum. Transformer exhibit:  Native art in light
and sound.

Ica effigy vessel
Nazca region, Peru, A.D. 1400s
Clay, paint

Infinity of Nations Exhibit
Whitehall Street  subway station
A new entrance to stores in Oculus, subway, etc, on left
side of artwork.
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
percent of all Puerto Ricans have American Indian mitochondrial DNA,
probably from a common Taino ancestry.