09/05/17, 10/01/17
September 2017 - RRRRR

September 3rd - After the rain stopped, I headed into the City.  My first stop was in Times Square.  I walked to
46th Street to see what was taking place at the Brazilian Festival.  It ran from Broadway to 6th Avenue and then
up and down a few blocks on 6th.  The 46th St. and 6th Ave. celebration formed a T.  Lots to eat and buy.  I didn't
hang around to enjoy any of the acts that would be performing.  From 6th Avenue, I took the D train to 145th Street.  
I first visited the Riverbank State Park, which overlooks the Hudson River.   Later, I took the Bx 19 bus to Jackie
Robinson Park.  The VI Cultural Festival was in full swing when I got there.  Good music, good food and lots of
people.   At about 6 p.m., I headed to Coney Island to listen to El Gran Combo from the boardwalk.  Why pay to get
into the Ford Amphitheater when one can hear the music clearly on the boardwalk?   The boardwalk had many
people listening to the music and dancing!  The day turned out to be a lot of fun.
46th Street
Colorful dream catchers.
6th Avenue - Looking south.
6th Avenue - Looking north.
George Washington Bridge.  Left of this photo - New
Jersey.  Right - New York.
Fort Lee, NJ
Fort Washington, Upper Manhattan, NY
GWB using Auto (this photo) and Sunset Settings
(photo on right).
Two of the many entertainers.
Would have loved to see the locks (hair) loose.
For all photos, I used the Sunset setting.

Left - The beach (sand).  The lights in the distance are
coming from New Jersey.
Above - Moon.  Had to shrink photo as not to have the
moon look oval.
Parachute Jump all lit up!
A beautiful sunset.
It all looks better at night.  Very colorful.

Lovely sunrises on September 12th, 14th and 15th.  Photos taken with the Auto and Sunset settings.
Can you tell which setting was used?

Back to the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island.  City Parks SummerStage 2017 offered 4 free concerts, 9/8, 9/9,
9/15 and 9/17.  I attended two of the concerts, 9/9 and 9/15.  On 9/9, I went to see Freddie Jackson and Angie Stone.  
Great concert.  I did not take any photos since I only walked with my cell phone.  Yes, I did walk with a seat cushion.
On 9/15, I went to see Shirley Caesar and Damien Sneed.  Another great concert.  This time, I walked with my Fuji
camera.  Most photos in the amphitheater were taken with the Sunset setting.  Most photos are not too clear due to
the lack of a tripod.  I did not walk with the seat cushion but since we were constantly getting up (Ms. Caesar kept
us on our feet), and I had an empty seat to my left and right, the seat cushion was not really needed.

Like in the concert of 8/24, there was a problem with the sound system.  During the 9/15 show,  Mr. Sneed
and Ms. Caesar kept swapping microphones with their background singers, especially when a background
singer was being featured.  Though Ms. Caesar kept asking that the volume of the microphones be increased
it never happened.  When the host opened the show at 7:30 p.m. there was no sound.  

I can't recall any problems with the sound system during the 9/9 performance.    
These photos taken while waiting on line to get into the
amphitheater.  Auto setting.  Also photo below.
Sunset setting.   Also photo below
The sun was actually setting.

Below, left - The sun setting as seen from inside theater.  
Auto setting used.  Below, right - Similar shot, Sunset
setting used.
The band on stage.  Show began at 7:30 p.m.
Damien Sneed
Two of the four background singers.
There were 4, 3 females and 1 male.
Special guest singer.  Did not get her name.
Shirley Caesar.  Ms. Caesar had 4 background singers,
3 males and 1 female.
Ms. Caesar taking a break while members of the
audience came up and sang.  Many great singers.
The background singers were also great solo singers!
Back on the boardwalk.  Parachute Jump
Farewell song.  Show ended at 10 p.m.
It all looks better at night!

September 23 - Resident Appreciation Celebration.  The celebration took place in the Quads in the back
of Sections 2, 3,  and 5.  There was food, music, games and more!  All the renovations in the Quads have not
been completed.  It was a sunny Saturday so the bright sun may make some buildings look lighter than they are
and shadows make some areas darker than they are.
West Quad, which has a basketball and tennis court plus a kiddie park, was not photographed.
Section 2's
atrium.  Ramp
to back
Food section.  
Will become a playground
Soccer field. East Quad,  being used for face painting, etc.
Also next photo.
Music, Center Quad.
Crowds in East Quad.

2012 - Before the modernization.  The "Old" LeFrak City.
Barbecue area.  Completely removed.  Between Sections 4 and 5.  East Quad
Was once a volleyball court.  Where trees/hedges are was once a swimming pool, one of 3.  East Quad.
Left - Once a garden used by Seniors.  Right - Playground for children with basketball court in the back.  
Closer to Section 4.  New basketball court will become 1/2 court.  East Quad.
Left - Part of playground.  East Quad.  Right - Benches by tennis court.
Tennis court was between Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Between Center and East Quads.  Moved to Section 1, West Quad.
Left - Swimming pool.  Only pool in use for many years.  There was also had barbecue.  Barbecue area has not
been included in the modernization.  Right - Benches, Section 2.  Center Quad.
Left - Original basketball court.  Moved to Section 1, West Court.  Gazebo.  Center Quad.
Left - Was once a playground.  Right - Another playground and ramp that led to Sections 1 and 2.  
Both playgrounds incorporated into playground in West Quad.
Left and Right - Part of playground seen above.  Ramp leading to Sections 1 and 2.  Now West Quad.
Left of photo - Swimming pool.  Right of photo - Benches next to a building
in Section 3.  Now part of Center Quad.
Throughout the Quads there are  benches and tables.  
Some areas have tables with checkers/chess boards.  
In East Quad there is a mini-gulf area and a ping-pong
table.  There is also a swimming pool.
Swimming pool in this area.
Where the stage is located will become a water
splash area.

2012 and 2015 - The Quads being "modernized".
The West Quad was the first to be modernized.  Section 1.
This, and other photos, are East Quad. Sections 4 & 5.

September 27 - Three photos of East Quad.  Taken with cell phone from atrium in Section 5.
Soccer field
One of the sitting areas.  The gray tables in foreground can be used to play

September 30 - Sunrise, using Auto and Sunset settings.  Can you tell which is which?

September 30 - Selfie.  Last time I trimmed my beard was April 11, 2016.  Everyone asks, "When will you trim
your beard?"  My response, "In 2021, when I turn 70."  Can I let it grow till then?  Only time will tell.   
I did, however,  have a haircut this week.

Continue to pray for all those affected by Harvey, Irma and Maria.  
Also those in Mexico affected by the massive earthquake.
Pool opened on 08/25 but only until Labor Day.  Fee?  $1.00 per person.  
Entrance fee may change next summer.