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Photos below are in date order.
Using a different camera setting.
The following photos show snow falling on different days.
Beautiful sunrises!!
View of Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan from
Roosevelt Island before taking tram.  Photo at right and
those that follow taken from the Tram.
Manhattan on left, Roosevelt Island on right.
I am
FDR Drive, East River.   Red sculpture  by  Alice Aycock.  
Looks like a roller coaster, right?  It's on an abandoned  
waste transfer plant.
The return trip
to Roosevelt
View of Downtown.
Williamsburg Bridge.
This, and the following photos, were taken on
Roosevelt Island after the Tram ride.
Ravenswood Generating Station (electricity),
Long Island City,
This truck, Bay Fruit 63rd, can be seen on Page DDD
with a different design.
The "blizzard".  At 11 p.m. the
City was shut down!!
60th Avenue and 99th Street as seen from my terrace.  We were spared.  
Up to 30 inches of snow expected, we got about 10.  Other places not as lucky!
After the "blizzard".  A beautiful
sunrise!  You can't beat this!!!
View of neighborhood as seen from my bedroom window
After the "blizzard".  
What a sunrise!
The Alice Aycock sculpture.
South tram.
Buildings on Roosevelt Island.  A close up photo of
the red/white stacks is below.

February 2015
Side of building
covered in a light coat
of ice.
Men cleaning overpass after storm.
The flag pole in the park across the
A yet another beautiful sunrise!!
Yes, more snow!  A February not
to be forgotten!!
10 gallon fish tank with 3 varieties of Tetras.
Frozen fountain in Bryant Park, Manhattan.
Some ice visible close to shore.
East River from Promenade
(Brooklyn).  Lots of ice.
A colorful water tank on a roof as seen from Promenade.
Ellis Island
Ferry Terminal

March 5th and 21st - And still more snow.  Photos taken from my terrace.  It was a cold, snowy winter!!
60th Avenue and 99th Street.

A few photos taken in April from my terrace.
Sun, clouds, and fog
Flushing Meadows Corona Park