10/09/17, 10/31/17
October 2017 - SSSSS

October 9th - For those of you who may not understand what I mean by Auto and Sunset settings, let me explain.  
Most, if not all, digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras, have a knob that can be turned to various settings.  
The setting choices can be Auto (the camera sets the aperture, shutter speed, etc.),  A for Aperture (one can
manipulate the aperture setting), Manual, etc.  Most digital SLR cameras also come with a choice for Scene Position
(SP, may also be called Scene Selection on some cameras).   Within the SP selection there is a menu with choices
for particular scenes (Sunset, Snow, Beach, Text, Night, etc.)   So when I refer to the Sunset setting, I am referring
to the choice within the Scene Position menu.   When I take a photo of a sunrise using the Auto setting, the photo
tends to be lighter / somewhat more natural than the Sunset setting, which happens to be darker with more detail
and looks more vivid.   For sunrises and sunsets, I prefer the Sunset SP Setting, though I usually use both
Auto and SP (Sunset).  Is this all French to you?  Just enjoy the photos!

The following photos were taken on October 6th - Both Auto and Scene Position (Sunset) used.  
After reading the above explanation, I hope you can tell which is which.  

The moon of October 6th.  Again, Auto and Scene Position used.
Any other light in the sky are planes flying in the area.
The sun being hidden by the clouds.

On October 8th we (Maria, Elton & I) decided to go to Lancaster in Pennsylvania.  The tour was listed in the
L&M brochure as "new", "A Fun Day in Amish Country, Sunday Brunch at Yoder's & More".  The first stop on
the tour was Yoder's Restaurant and Buffet (New Holland).  We had never been to  Yoder's before.  After lunch,
we were to visit the Intercourse Canning Company (a smaller version of The Jam and Relish Kitchen located in
Kitchen Kettle Village) and Cackleberry Farm Antique Mall.  However, since the Canning Company closed its
doors after 20 years, we instead went to Mount Hope Wine Gallery (not the actual winery), located in Bird-in-Hand.  
Too bad about Intercourse Canning!  There was wine tasting at Mount Hope.  I bought a bottle.  Cackleberry
Farm Antique Mall (Paradise) is massive and they carry an incredible amount of items for sale.  
Talk about bringing back memories!  No, I did not purchase anything.  

Since it was Sunday, there was very little traffic in the area and many businesses were closed.

From Intercourse Canning Company's website:  
"We’ll miss you so much.  It has been an amazing 20 years
encountering some of the most kindhearted people on the planet, walking through our doors, day in and day out.
Countless folks have enjoyed coming to our original cannery, and then our newer retail-outlet, on a regular basis
for so very long. Customers and team members alike have given us so many warm memories which we will
cherish forever.  

Although this news brings a tremendous amount of sadness, it also brings optimism toward the future.
The most difficult part will be not seeing the smiling faces of the special people that have made our
endeavors possible for so long.

Intercourse Canning Company will live on in my mind and heart forever."
Taken from inside the bus as we headed to Yoder's.
The day was cloudy.  For a while it rained.
Most of the corn has been harvested.
Mount Hope Wine Gallery
Yoder's includes restaurant/buffet, gift shop,
supermarket, and pharmacy.  How was the buffet?  
Definitely not Shady Maple.
Peaceful Valley Amish Furniture, next to Mount Hope.  
Though closed many articles were outside on the porch.
The famous Amish buggy.
This business is named Not Just Baskets.
The sun peeking from behind the clouds.
The bus driver taking a nap.
Farm behind the mall.
Farm across the street from Antique Mall.
Auto setting
Sunset setting  under Scene Position
Peaceful Valley Amish Furniture
Peaceful Valley Amish Furniture

October 10th and 11th - Metro North tracks on Park Avenue  and East 97th Street (Manhattan), flowers by
Olive Garden on 92nd Street and 59th Avenue (Queens), Monarch butterfly on flowers by Olive Garden and
the sunrise of October 11th.
Who placed these locks on the fence??
By now you should know about the different settings.  Which photo do you prefer?

On October 15th, I decided to go uptown to visit The Little Red Lighthouse which is located under the
George Washington Bridge.  I took the A train to the 181st Street station and walked from the station to
Ft. Washington Park, where the lighthouse is located..  For more information you can click
here.  There will
also be a photo below with the history of the Lighthouse that is attached to the fence around the Lighthouse.
Words under date:  House Trust of New
It was a very cloudy day.  Sunset setting.
Fort Lee, New Jersey.  This and next 4 photos taken
while waiting to enter Lighthouse.
Circle Line.  This photo and next 3 photos taken
from the top of the Lighthouse.
The sun tried to emerge from behind the clouds.
New Jersey.
The shore.  
Inside the Lighthouse.
Looking south, this and next 5 photos.  
New York City on left, New Jersey on right.
Sunset setting
Sunset setting on right. These 2 photos taken from the top of Lighthouse.
Sunset setting
Leaving the area.
On my way to the A train, I noticed this lighthouse
painted on the pavement marking the way.
After getting off at 181st Street station, I had to walk
west to Riverside Drive (RD), down RD to the green
bridge seen above,  which crosses the Henry Hudson
Parkway, and then walk a lot more to the lighthouse.
The George Washington Bridge as seen from
Riverside Drive and 181st Street.
Window display on 181st Street
Artwork at 110th Street, local stop.  "Migrations"
by Christopher Wynter, glass mosaic, in memory of
Athie L. Wynter, frabricated by Miotto Mosaics.

October 24th - A rainy day.  The sky kept changing throughout the storm.  
Here are the photos I took from my terrace.
Left column - Auto
Right column - Sp (Sunset)
The trees in park across the highway are no as colorful as in previous years.
An American Airlines plane heading into the clouds.  
A few seconds after photo taken it disappeared.
October 25th - Sunrise
October 25th - A sunset.  From my terrace, the sun's reflection could be seen on the buildings.  
Again, Auto on left (what I actually saw), SP (Sunset setting) on right.
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, etc., at a distance.
The windows of these buildings are all aglow due to the sun.

October 28th - Another sunrise.  The sun is slowly moving  across the sky getting closer to its location for the
winter months.  Left column - Auto setting. Right column - Sunset setting.

October 29th - A beautiful rainy day!  Rain is always welcome!  Don't you just love a rainy day, especially when
you don't  have to go outside for anything???  Left - Auto; Right - SP (sunset).
Car broke down on 99th Street.  It had to be pushed into the parking spot.  
Not a good thing to happen on a rainy day!

October 31st - No witches or ghouls.  Too early?  However, it was a beautiful sunrise!