09/25/18, 10/31/18
September & October  2018 - YYYYY

September 3rd - The Center Courtyard, "New" LeFrak City.

September 22nd - Lancaster, PA
Farm across the street from Eli's
(Countryside Road Stand)
Flowers and photos that  follow were taken in Eli's.
What one can do with an old window.
Farm close to Eli's.
Farm that can be seen from parking lot of Kitchen Kettle.
In and around Kitchen Kettle
Display outside Lupe's store, across from Kitchen Kettle.
Moon seen behind dark clouds as we were coming home.

September 23rd -  Photos taken on 34th Street between 8 and 11th Avenues and 28th Street between 8 and 7th

Murals on both sides of 34th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues.

The ever changing City.  What was once just an area where trains parked (Hudson Yards), has been converted
to skyscrapers.  

Murals on the north wall of the Fashion Institution of Technology.  Construction going on in the area.

In Queens:  What was once the buildings used by 5Pointz for it's artwork.  (See
Page LLLL.).  
Even Queens' landscape is changing.
Looking northeast at 34th St. and 11th Avenue.
I have no idea what this structure will become.   
Seen from 34th Street.
Seen from 11th Avenue.
Can be seen on the north
entrance of the 7 train station.
Looking west
More construction, north side of 34th Street closer to
10th Avenue.
North side of 34th Street between 10th Avenue and
Dyer Avenue
South side of 34th Street
Beyond Disability

Above:  Northwest corner of 34th Street and 8th
Avenue.  All the small businesses are gone in order to
build another high rise.  At right:  The south entrance
to Penn Station at 31st Street.  Part of the building will
continue to house post office.
Murals found on north wall of the Fashion Institute
of Technology
28th Street:  No area of the City is being spared the
building frenzy.
Remember 5Pointz?  These two photos and the one that follows is what replaced the old building.  
To refresh your mind about 5Pointz, click
Freedom Tower from Jackson Avenue.
Part of the wall, looking west.
The other part of the wall, looking east.

September 27th - A one day trip to San Juan to visit Mother's last living sister, who is not doing well.  
Photos below were taken from inside the JetBlue plane on our way to San Juan.
Beginning to land in San Juan.
Old San Juan
Old San Juan.  El Morro on the left, tip of area.  
A Royal Caribbean cruise ship in port

October 2018

October 5th - Jigsaw puzzle:  Cats - Beachcombers, 750 pieces

October 10th - Sunrise

October 12th - Dark clouds due to rain

October 14th - Tour of cruise ship Norwegian Escape.  Lunch included.

October 17th - Jigsaw puzzle:  Summertime, 1000 pieces

October 18th - Moon

October 19th - Sunrise, incredible amount of traffic
The sun hiding behind clouds.
Though the clouds were very dark, in the distance
blue sky was visible.  To right - Plane  headed for
La Guardia airport.
Mural on building on 11th Avenue close to Pier 90
Norwegian Escape, Pier 88
On the other side was the AIDA Luna
One of 2 Aida ships in port, Luna and Diva.  
Diva at Pier 90.
The ever changing Manhattan skyline, northern view
Eastern view of skyline
Southern view of skyline
Intrepid Museum
Pier 86
Lounge for Studios (single cabins)
I wanna kiss you all over!
Beer ad on one of the many monitors throughout the ship.
Chandelier - Atrium
Two of the many paintings that would be available for sale during the cruise.
Balcony cabins, view of skyline, blue building on the left
are where murals located.
One of many staircases.  What you see is a large
mirror that reflects staircases on both decks.  
Could be confusing to someone drunk!
One of the many artworks hanging throughout the ship.  
Not for auction.  Words on top of words.
The many suitcases waiting to get on the ship.
You guessed it, it's the moon!!
Sunrise.  All the white lights are cars on the LIE going west.  
It was a huge parking lot since traffic hardly moving.  
Not too many red lights can be seen going east.

For lunch I had White Cheddar and Potato Soup,
Shrimp and Mushroom Alfredo, a sip of red wine,
and a Duo Chocolate Eclair.  Soup and Alfredo were
delicious, but the Eclair was somewhat dry.
A close-up look at chandelier.
Aida Luna

October 25th, 26th and 29th - Jet flying by, and sunrises.
See the white dot?  A plane going by.

October 31st, Halloween - Moon, sunrise, jet flying across the sky.