01/31/17, 03/04/17
January  & February 2017 - MMMMM
After the snow fell - Atrium, Section 5, LeFrak City
Northwest corner of 42nd Street
The new Second Avenue subway - 96th Street
Artwork on display at the 86th Street station.  Also man below.
Tracks.  Clean, right?  How long will it be like this???
The "new" 2nd Ave subway line are 3 stations - 96th, 86th & 72nd on the east side plus a connection to the F at
Lexington & 63rd.  The Q then heads south to Brooklyn.   Considered Phase 1.  More stations to be added eventually.
72nd Street Station
Not all Q trains are this colorful.
Moon partially hidden behind clouds.
Kids on 99th Street overpass
More snow!
January 14th
Flushing Meadows Corona Park - tennis stadium and
Terrace on the Park
Una yunta (pair) de pasteles.  Left - frozen.  Right -
cooked.  Why the "bow"?  To distinguish chicken
from pork.  This one is chicken.
Can't see the plane in the clouds?  See right.
Cuba! Exhibit in the Museum of Natural History!
Other exhibits on the same floor as Cuba!
Easter Island
Buddha, 1st Floor
Exhibit in lobby
Central Park
Snow - January 7th.
After the snow.
Papua New Guinea
Museum of Natural History as seen from Central Park
Pigeons resting.
Snow of January 31st.
Spells out - The Second Ave Subway
Roof of kiosk on platform.

February 2017
Sunrise.  Sunset setting on both.
And yet another beautiful sunrise!  Sunset setting used.
Snow - February 9, 2017
My terrace
Atrium of building where I live.
View from the 2nd floor, H Building, Elmhurst Hospital
Olive Garden, 59th Avenue
Ice on the screen and snow on sill of my bedroom window.
And then the sun came out!
Horace Harding Expressway
Queens Center Mall
Also photo above, right.
59th Avenue, between 94th Street and Junction Blvd.
Sunset setting
Auto setting
Long Island Expressway

Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) between 39th and 40th Streets, Manhattan