09/09/16, 07/03/20
September 2016 - IIIII

Views of storms and sunrise from my terrace, Grand Army Plaza (Bailey Fountain
and Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch), Eastern Parkway and West Indian American Day
Carnival (WIADC).  For more information about the WIADC Association, please click
Flushing Meadows Corona Park at night.
Though the area was covered in dark clouds in the
horizon the rising sun was partially visible.
The sun was trying to shine
through all the clouds!
An hour plus later.  Left - automatic setting; right - sunset setting.
Bailey Fountain - Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch - Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
For more information about the fountain, please click here.
Views on Eastern Parkway
Sugarcane for sale.
Beginning of Carnival.  Brooklyn Museum on right.
USVI flag and flags of other Caribbean Nations.  
No idea what the photo on Trinidad's flag is (photo on right).
Reveler on stilts
The costume appeared to be heavy and hard to pull.  
The reveler had to take many breaks.
What are so many people doing on the street?    They
were chased by police but others kept coming back.
Again, all these people should not be on the street!  
These individuals make it hard to get good photos
from the sideline and interrupt flow of participants!
Too many gaps between groups.  After this, I left the
festivities even though there was still lots more to see!
I had to maneuver the camera over heads, hands, etc.
After the rain, a beautiful rainbow.  
Taken from window in my sister's apartment.
The white dots to the  bottom left of moon are planes.
Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy, Mulberry Street off Canal, Manhattan
Empire State Building seen from Mulberry Street.
90th Annual?  Where have I been?  
This is the first time I have gone to the feast!
Photo taken from the Chinatown side of Mulberry Street.
Canal Street - traffic going east!
Artwork on buildings in and around Little Italy.
Federico Garcia Lorca
was the only writing I
could make out.
Canal Street - where I waited for R train.

Sunrise, September 26, 2016:    Photos on the left taken using the Automatic (Smart) setting while the photos taken
with the Sunset setting.  There is NO "sunrise" setting!  Do they look different?  Which do you prefer?  
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos