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On May 10th, Mother's Day, María and I went on a one day trip with L&M Tours.  Our first stop was the
Shore Line Trolley Museum.  There, we rode an antique trolley car and visited the Trolley Museum.   
After the museum, we had brunch at the
Amarante's Sea Cliff Restaurant.  There were many selections
and the food delicious!
 Afterwards, we made a short stop at the Yale University Art Gallery.  

On May 23rd, I took a one day tour with Hines Tours.  We visited the Kaaterskill Falls and Howe Caverns.  
This was my first tour with Hines.  It was an all inclusive tour, which included various snacks on the bus.   
We had lunch in a diner.  The company's only pick-up location is 2nd Avenue between 80th and 81st
Streets.  We left a little after 7 a.m. and returned at about 8:45 p.m.  I enjoyed the tour very much
and highly recommend Hines.
María enjoying the view.
Inside the trolley.  Man standing with green shirt is
Roberto, the L&M Tours guide.
The trolley ahead of us.
Ad on the trolley.  
Ever used Babbitt's Soap Powder?
On our way back, we stopped at
the museum to view trolleys of
the past.
Trolley from New York City.  
They were not running when
I came to NY in 1969.
Heating system  inside trolley.
Seats inside one of the trolleys.
Kids on beach.
Homes in the area.
Across the street from the  Art Gallery.
Portrait of Demosthenes, Roman,  384-322 B.C., marble.
Bowl with a Rider on Horseback accompanied by a Hound
and Two Birds,  Iranian, 1038-1194, Mina'i ware.
German School, Southern Rhine, Pieta, ca. 1450.
Arts  of Islam
16-17th century, porcelain, yellow glaze and enamel.
Mask, Makonde,
Mozambique or Tanzania,
early to middle 20th century,
wood, pigment and metal
One of the many staircases in the building.  
This one leads from first to second floor.
Sakyamuni Votive Stele, Chinese, Jin dynasty
(1115-1234), Micaceous white marble with polychrome.
Artwork at the 53rd Street/Lexington Ave. Station,
transfer from  E/M to 6 train (51st Street).
Kaaterskill Falls End Of Trail
Site 5 - The trail we walked.
Small fall before the trail.
Before getting on the trail,
we were given safety instructions.

The rising sun made it hard to take photos.  I was too
lazy to change settings on camera.  The falls are said
to be higher than Niagara but not as much water.
Upper and lower falls.
The way the water cascaded down
the rocks created this "man".
We were given time to sit and enjoy the falls.

Kaaterskill Falls
is New York's
tallest waterfall,
with a total
drop of 260 feet.
Its highest
drop is 175 feet,
10 feet higher
Niagara Falls.
A popular
for artists in the
1800s, Kaaterskill
was visited
and described by
Washington Irving,
Henry David Thoreau,
James Fenimore Cooper,
and many others.
Rocks in the area.
We took an elevator, 156 feet down, to the
entrance of the caverns.  Temperature is 52˚ F
(12˚ C), and 70-75% humidity year-round.
Before taking the elevator down, we listened to an
explanation of how the caverns were discovered
and how Mr. Howe became the owner.
We viewed
on a
Part of the caverns is closed.  
It appears there was limestone
mining done in that portion for a
while, which left the caverns unstable.
Heart on the floor in the section called The Chapel.  
Single?  Stand on heart for luck.  A couple?  Stand on the
heart & you will get married in a year.  Married?  You will
be renewing your vows.  Hope I remembered it correctly!
Without flash.

Left - Formation.  Above - What can be seen when
looking into a crack in a wall.
Building housing entrance to caverns, gift shop, etc.
Taken from inside the bus as we zoomed down the road!
The surrounding area.
Gift shop, small museum, etc.
More ads on the trolley.
Do these products still exist?
The grounds of Amarante
The back view of Amarante.
On my way home from the City.  May 23rd.
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