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November 2016 - KKKKK
Sunset of November 5, 2016.  Left - Auto setting.  Right - Sunset setting. Same below.

On November 9th my youngest sister, Nilsa, came from Florida for a quick visit.    We toured the Oculus,
the World Trade Center (Westfield, Observatory), and the World Financial Center (Brookfield) on November 10th.  
We took the ferry to Staten Island on November 11th to visit cousins.  Has it always been free?  When was the last
time we were on the ferry?  We even rode the Staten Island Transit (SIT).   We enjoyed the adventure!
Liberty Park
South Pool
Glare made it hard to take photo.
The Oculus, South Pool and Liberty Park can be seen
in this photo.
View of Manhattan and to right is Queens
Views from the Observatory

Left - Freedom Tower and buildings around it.  
Right - From Liberty Park:  buildings including Museum.
The World Financial Center -
Canstruction competition.  
Sculptures are made from
cans of food.  This sculpture
made with cans of tuna fish!
NO on this side.  Walk around and it turns to YES.  
Say YES to NO More Hunger!
At the end of the exhibitions or
events all food is donated to
local hunger relief organizations.
Sunset as seen from outside Brookfiled/WFC
Sunset as seen from inside the WFC.
The Colgate Clock, Jersey City, New Jersey
Back in the Oculus:  Rush Hour.  Nilsa said the people  moved like ants as they rushed to the PATH and subway.  
Nilsa in front of Oculus.
Inside the Oculus
The "spine" (ceiling) of Oculus.
Views from the Staten Island Ferry, the John F. Kennedy!
Various shots of Miss Liberty!
New Jersey
Looking back at Manhattan
Brooklyn.  Can you see the three bridges?  
Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsburg
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge as the sun shines on the Hudson River!
Manhattan as we approached St. George, Staten Island.
Left - Manhattan.  Right - Brooklyn
Left - New Jersey.  Right - Manhattan
From St. George.  Left - New Jersey.  Middle - Manhattan.  
Right - Brooklyn
A ferry Leaving St. George
Staten Island Transit.   
First time riding SIT.
Nilsa and Eneida (cousin)
Nilsa, Jorge, Eneida
Front - Louie and Nilsa
Back - Eneida and Jorge
Nilsa, Louie, Eneida, and Jorge.  Photo blurry but what the heck!We had fun taking
the selfie!  Too bad Carmen, Louie's wife & Eneida's sister, had to work!
Heading back to Manhattan as the sun was setting.  
A ferry heading to St. George.
Selfies with Nilsa's iPhone

On November 12th, Elton and I took a one day trip with L&M Tours to visit the National Museum of African American
History and Culture (NMAAHC) in Washington, D.C. The museum is a must see for everyone!  We spent 4 hours in
the museum.  There were long lines wherever we went but they moved quickly.  We did not have time to visit the
café and had to rush through the gift shop.   Due to time constraints, we skipped one area of the museum.

I was met by the bus at 6:20 a.m. and did not get back until 11:50 p.m.  We left D.C. at 4:30 p.m. The bus made a
stop in Manhattan and Brooklyn to pick up/drop off passengers.  We made one stop in New Jersey and another
in Maryland on our down.  On our way home we stopped for dinner at Hibachi Grill and Buffet and we also made
a stop in New Jersey to stretch our legs.  

I will make plans to return to the NMAAHC since I did not get to see everything!
Outfit worn by
Diana Ross in
"Lady Sings
The Blues".

By Whitfield Lovell (b. 1959)
The Card Series in the Rounds 2006 - 11
Charcoal on paper

Round Card Series

"Lovell has often combined his portraits with found
objects.  In this series, each of his 54 keenly
rendered charcoal portraits - both probing and
elegant - is paired with one of 54 round playing
cards (a deck of 52 plus two jokers)."

Individuals in portraits are unidentified.

By James Phillips (b. 1945)
Sankofa II, 1997-98
Acrylic on canvas

"One of the visual symbols of Sankofa is the
heart, represented here in the center of the
painting.  In addition to several other Akan
symbols (mostly derived from Adinka cloth),
Phillips included Yoruba (Shango's double ax)
and Haitian (the rooster) symbols.   Together
they represent themes relating to unity, struggle,
and common values."

It should be noted that what is photographed
here is not the entire painting on display.
Remember sitting on desks like these?
Elton watching crowd below as we waited to get into
the Emmett Till exhibit . To Elton's right - quote from
Declaration of Independence.  
Guard Tower used to keep an eye on the prisoners.
Tuskegee Airplane
Part of the Grand Staircase
Outside views from inside the museum
The Washington Monument, which is a few yards away.
Partial view of cadillac.
Figurine - Woman selling at the market.
Doll - Woman displaying what she has for sale.
Shine a Bright Light on the Darkness of Hunger
Snap! And Hunger is Gone
Hungry Like The Wolf
What Goes Around, Cans Around
Say YES to NO More Hunger

November 10th  - Oculus, Observatory and World Financial Center (Brookfield Place)

November 11th - Nilsa and I took the R train to Whitehall Street Station and then a ride on the Staten Island Ferry
to visit cousins.  My cousin did not know who I was traveling with.  Surprise!
Culture Galleries - L4
For floor plan, please click

Culture Galleries - Culture Expressions - Visual Art & The American Experience - L4

Community Galleries - Sports:  Leveling The Playing Field - L3

History Galleries - C1 to C3
C1 - A Changing Amerca: 1968 and Beyond
C2 - Defending Freedom, Defining Freedom:  The Era of Segregation 1876 - 1968
C3 - Slavery and Freedom, 1400 - 1877
(Please note:  The photos below are not being displayed in order of categories listed above.)

November 14th  - Back to World Trade Center (WTC) area.  I needed the names of some of the can sculptures listed
under November 10th above.   First 3 photos are of the reflections of WTC on the Millenium Hilton Hotel.
Brookfied Place.  Ads change constantly.
Moon, surrounded by clouds

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© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos