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June 2017 - OOOOO

June 18, 2017 - Have I ever explained the process of posting the photos I take to these pages
and my website?  Let me begin by telling you it's not as EASY as you may think.  It is very time consuming
and can be a pain in the derrière!!  Maybe I need to take fewer photos????

First, I have to take the photos.  I try to take photos of events, people, etc, that I have never photographed
before.  However, it is not always possible.

Second, I go through the photos to determine which I will post and of those which need to be adjusted.  
I try to do this more than once in the month to avoid too much work on my part at the end of the month.

Third, after reviewing the photos and deciding which I will use, I take the SD Card to my old Windows XP
(Experience) PC since it has two programs I use.  The first program is Microsoft Picture It! Publishing
Platinum 2001.  (Yes, 2001.  The program works so why not?)  I use the program to sharpen photos, crop,
remove scratches, etc.  I then save the adjusted photos to the SD Card.  In order not to lose the original,
I use B after the number if the photo was blurry, C if I cropped it, BC if I did both, etc.  These designations
are not visible on the published photos and are just to help me remember which version to use.

Fourth, the second program I use is AIS Watermark Pictures Protector.  I use this mostly on
photos of myself, families and friends.  I then save the photos.  They show up with extension .demo.

Fifth, I take the SD card back to the Acer PC (Windows 10) in order to post the photos to Sitebuilder,
the program I use to publish (upload) the photos.

Sixth, I arrange the photos on a page, adjust the size if necessary, add comments, etc.

Seventh, I review what I have done.  No matter how many times I review what I have posted, I still find
errors later.  I may also move photos around.

Eight, once I am happy with what I see I publish the photos.  It can take a long time depending on how
many photos are being posted and how large they are.

Ninth, I send out an email at the end of each month or the beginning of the next to let everyone know
the photos have been posted.

Tenth, I await comments from my family and friends.  Any errors noted are corrected and any questions
asked are answered.

You should note that by the time I finish all the above, my behind is killing me.  
The cushions I sit on only help but so much.
Crossing the Verrazano Bridge
on June 4th.
Taken from inside my sister's
car using J7 Samsung

It was a gloomy day!
Manhattan's skyline.  It had
begun to rain.

For many summers, Elton and I headed to Coney Island for the concerts presented by the Boro President.  
If you brought your own chair, there would be no entrance fee but you'd have to sit at the back of the parking lot.  
For $5.00 one would be able to sit closer to the stage in a chair supplied by the promoters.  The chairs were not
too comfortable but for $5.00 what could one expect?  For $5.00 we got to see a lot of entertainers.  Great shows!

In 2015, the shows were stopped and a building close by was renovated and an amphitheater built.  
Photos of the parking lot where the concerts were held and the new amphitheater are below.

As I walked to and from the new amphitheater, I took photos.
The Pat Auletta Steeplechase Pier
Great to see the beach empty.
More birds than people!
Parking lot where original concerts
were held
Parking lot being repaired.  Will it be the parking lot for
the new Amphitheater?
One of the old Coney Island buildings was repaired and
converted into a restaurant and amphitheater.
Above - A partial view of amphitheater
Right - Next to the amphitheater, various tiles.
A partial view of the area where Art Walls are located.

Left and Above taken at Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Church, Parsons Blvd,Jamaica, Queens

These and the five photos that follow were  taken June 5th as I
walked around the neighborhood waiting for Rent Guidelines Board's
(RGB) meeting to begin at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center
(153-10 Jamaica Ave)

Photos taken with J7 Samsung.

Left - Grace Church, Jamaica Avenue, Queens.
Above  - Photos of flowers found in Rufus King Park,
Jamaica Avenue.  Also the two photos that follow.
All taken with J7 Samsung cell phone.
Conifer.  Pine cone.
King Park
Auto setting
Sunset setting
The tickets to the shows now cost a lot more!
These four photos are of flowers on Horace Harding Expressway, close to where I live.
Beautifully painted garbage cans
Our beautiful moon.  Sunset setting.
This setting gives the moon a yellowish tone.
Our beautiful moon.  Auto setting.
More details seen in the Sunset setting photo.
On my way home, I
stopped at 25 Av station
to take these photos.
While at the Amphitheater, I bought tickets for the
Motown concert on August 24th - Four Tops,
Temptations, Mary Wilson and Martha Reeves
Train entering the station.
Look closely and you will see "pencil" marks above
"Work in Progress".

George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
June 11, 2017
Throughout the concert this young man kept
grooming his hair.
Part of the band's attire  Liked the FUNK t-shirt.
A spectator.  Liked the back of his t-shirt.  Have no idea what the
front looks like.  Word on tee?  Federal.
Sunset in the park
On my way to #7 train.
Above - box cover.
Right - Finished puzzle.

New building on
SW corner of 40th
Street and 6th

Right - Lower floors;
Left - Upper floors.

Building is across
the street from
Bryant Park.

Photo taken
with Galaxy J7.

June 15, 2017
A cloudy day, June 16, 2017.  US Open stadium and Terrace on The Park
(Flushing Meadows Corona Park)
and part of the neighborhood as seen from my terrace.

On the morning of June 17, 2017, I was watching the news when the Mermaid Parade was briefly mentioned.  
I decided to go to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island.  It was cloudy.  About 3 stops from Stillwell Avenue, the train
doors opened and it was raining.  By the time we got to Stillwell, it had turned to a drizzle but not for long.  It poured.  
I mean POURED!  Though I had an umbrella, my pants were wet up to my knees!   My shoes were completely soaked.
However, the parade did go on!  Everyone around me said the crowd was not as large as prior years due to the rain.

What is the
Mermaid Parade?  It's a little of everything:  Mermaids, Gay Pride, political statements, July 4th, etc.

I suppose the mermaids did not mind the rain since they are always wet in the sea.  Almost at the end of the parade
the rain stopped and the sun came out.  

2017 Mermaid Parade Royalty: Deborah Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie!

The Parade was fun.  The people around me were fun.  It was a fun day!!
These photos were taken from the Q train as we rode across the Manhattan Bridge  heading to Coney Island.   
Manhattan's skyline, FDR Drive and Brooklyn Bridge can be seen in photos
As you can see, it had started to rain.  These were taken as the Q rolled into the Stillwell Station.
Can't recall seeing her in or at the parade.
At first it was just a light rain.
And then it began to POUR!
Vintage police car
Deborah Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie!
This participant could not keep her costume up nor her
veil on.  Was it too wet?
Can you see me?  Hint:  Blue t-shirt. A vehicle covered in mirrors.
Spectators.  The rain had eased up a little.
Have no idea what the sign he was carrying said.
'Pussy grabs back' became rallying cry for female rage against
Trump due to a comment he made about grabbing
Participants headed to starting area of the parade, W 21st Street.
Dorothy and her gang - The Wizard of Oz
I can't recall seeing Toto!
For medicinal purposes only, C (sea) weed.
The parade starts at West 21st Street, goes down Surf Ave, and then turns right on West 10th Street and goes down
the Boardwalk to about West 18th Street.
Crowds outside Nathan's
Crowds on the Boardwalk
This and the next 7 photos were taken as I waited for
Q train back home.
From Maria's apartment, June 19, 2017.
Clouds rolled in, it got very dark and then there was
a downpour, lightning and thunder.
Taken with Samsung Galaxy J7
The rain subsiding.
June 20th, a beautiful day in Corona!
Before the
parade started.  
This individual
posed for
everyone but I
cannot recall
her being in
the parade.
Sunset setting
Auto Setting.
Though it was cloudy and raining, the sun was trying
to rise!
Oculus - There was a fee being charged to get "Up Close"
to the art being exhibited
A Samsung display on the huge monitor in Concourse C.
A beautiful white rose, North Reflecting Pool
Flowers, Liberty Park
Liberty Park
Display seen when entering basement of Freedom Tower
(Observatory).  Workers who were involved with building
the tower make personal comments.  
Screens constantly change.
From the Observatory.  Reflection of the Financial
Center's marina  & other buildings can be seen on the
side of this building.
Courtyard of the Financial Center
Off Canal Street
Creation of Eve.

I have had this philodendron hanging in my bedroom since 1981.  Unfortunately, in May 2017 while I was pruning
it, I accidentally cut a vine.  Since the plant had only a few vines, which over the years I wrapped around the pot,
cutting one vine became the downfall of the plant.   The photos below are before and after I accidentally cut the vine.  
Hopefully the few vines left will survive.  By the way, the pot is mostly roots with very little soil.

Update, July 19, 2020 - The plant recovered and is still growing nicely.

Left - Before:  The
brown pot is not

Right and below -
You can now see
the pot.

If plant dies, I will
have a funeral.

Everyone will be

Photos below are mostly in date order.
July 25th - See below for completed work.

July 25th - The artwork that was a "Work In Progress" on June 7th has since been completed.
Coney Island
What is it?  A whale?  An elephant?  A turtle?  A squid or octopus?  
All of the above?
Coming soon 2038?